Finley vs Lawrence is QB battle we’ve all been waiting for

On March 10, 2012, NC State Quarterback Ryan Finely committed to play Division 1 football. At the same time, Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence was a 12 year old experiencing his first year of middle school.

As Lawrence was progressing his way through middle school, Ryan Finley was fighting for a spot at Boise State University. Finley was able secure a starting position in a reasonable time before injuries halted his success. Lawrence, however, was also securing a starting job as a freshman for his high school football team. By 2016, Trevor Lawrence was regarded by many as the best high school player in the nation shattering records while Finely was presented with a opportunity to play 2,439 miles away at NC State. He took it.

Finley flourished the first two years at NC State. He adopted a leadership role quickly and when it came time for the 5th year senior to declare for the NFL draft, he declined. A packed quarterback slate in the 2018 draft and a chance at redemption were the deciding factors in Finley’s return to NC State. Just two states south of North Carolina, the top football high school prospect in the nation had just committed to play quarterback for Clemson.

Finely has directed his team to a swift 5-0 start with most NFL scouts predicting him to be the first quarterback out of the 2019 NFL draft. Trevor Lawrence was able to take a starting job from a highly experienced quarterback as an 18 year old. Besides Alabama, Clemson has been the most dominate football program this decade. Weeks ago, the long haired 6’6″ Freshman, who resembles “Sunshine” from Remember The Titans, turned 19 years old. Finley, 24, has suffered three years of heartbreak to his division rival. Clemson has been the hump NC State has not been able to get over to secure a ACC title bid.

This Saturday Ryan Finley plays his biggest game in his college career and is promsies to be a classic. Experienced vs electric. Old vs new. Pack vs Tigers. 6 year Senior vs Freshman. Finley vs Lawrence.

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