This past Saturday was rough. And anyone who pulls for the team in red and white can attest to this.

I strolled into East Village Grill as Kyle Bambard was delivering the game opening kickoff to Clemson. There wasn’t a seat in the place so I leaned against the window sill near the bar with anticipation and optimism. This was the biggest game in Dave Doeren’s tenure at NC State and just like everyone in the room, we all expected a dog fight.

A few of my friends hurried in moments after me, but the score was already 7-0 Clemson. By the time NC State point guard Braxton Beverly had come in, it was 14-0 Clemson. Beverly, without a seat also, leaned against the window sill beside myself and a few friends. I asked him if his beard was gonna be a season long staple and if it was his good luck charm. “Let’s sure hope so” Beverly told me as he grinned. A mutual friend asked “What happened to your hand?” Beverly had a protruding hand brace covering his entire wrist and hand. “Broke it yesterday” said Beverly.

I gazed up at the TV as the score displayed 21-0. Clemson’s lead was beginning to swell. It was as if you could just look at the faces of the people inside the restaurant and have predicted the score. “They haven’t released it to the media yet” Beverly added. I pulled up my Twitter “I guess I could break the story” I chirped in. We both chuckled and I assured him it wasn’t my place to. I mean c’mon, wasn’t this Clemson game enough bad news for WPN already? By halftime, the game was 24-0 and it would only get worse from there.

I guess what happens in Raleigh, stays in Raleigh…at least for a day or two.

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