Thank you Ryan Finley

Throughout the three years of the “Ryan Finley Era” era, there has never been a doubt in State fans that this guy is going to be playing on Sundays once his days in Raleigh are over. WPN has been spoiled with not one, not two but THREE consecutive State QBs that continued their career in the NFL. Those quarterbacks being Russell Wilson, Mike Glennon and Jacoby Brissett.

Finley may be the most underrated quarterback in NC State history with 60 career TDs within three seasons in Raleigh. The fit was perfect. He needed a program and we needed a quarterback. Luckily for NC State, we got much more than a quarterback. We received a role model, a immediate leader and a terrific student. The graduate student has been more than appreciative all year about his opportunity to come to Raleigh 3 years ago.

“I’m excited to one day call Raleigh my home.” -Finley after the bowl loss to Texas A&M

He was born a West Coast kid, moved north to Idaho at Boise State as a young man and ended up on the East Coast as a grown man and a leader.

From behalf of all WPN, thank you Ryan Finley. Your class after tough losses, perseverance, sacrifice of three years of your life to this school and this fan base will never been forgotten.

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