5 things NC State has that UNC doesn’t

5. Cookout

The fast growing burger and shake joint now has 244 location across 10 states. Founded in Greensboro, NC , Cookout is popular for late night food runs after late night fun. It’s impossible to call yourself a North Carolinian if you haven’t been to Cookout.

The fact that Chapel Hill doesn’t have one may be the most predictable thing on this list considering it’s illegal to have drive-thrus in Chapel Hill.

4. Academic Integrity

For decades, heck a century or two, UNC Chapel Hill has been regarded as the superior public university for academics in North Carolina. “The Harvard of the Southeast” as they affectionally have called themselves.

The fact is that NC State grads on average consistently make more money than UNC grads and it may have to do with choosing engineering degrees over gender studies.

Regardless, Carolina is now at the tail end of arguably the largest student-athlete academic scandal in NCAA history. WPN is convinced that head coach Roy Williams doesn’t coach in Chapel Hill for 26 total years without knowing about the corruption. #RoyKnew

3. Down to earth people

When engaging in banter with UNC fans, one the first insults they make is NC State fans and students are redneck or country. While State does educate thousands of future farmers and engineers, Raleigh in general is special because it is a beautiful blend of the blue collar and white collar workforce. Political views, working classes and religious practices are wildly diverse in the City of Oaks.

Chapel Hell is paradise to anyone who views fishing or outdoor activities as tribal. If you want to live somewhere where drive-thurs are legally banned, acquire a degree in gender studies and work to ban football in your community …then come to Chapel Hill.

2. Bojangles

Bojangles could be easily number one on this list. The iconic North Carolina chicken n’ biscuits joint has been the staple of NC State tailgating and everyday eats for several decades now.

There are NINE Raleigh locations. Former NC State running back and current NFL Indianapolis Colt, Nyheim Hines spent his bye week working at the busiest Bojangles in the country in Raleigh.

1. Kevin Keatts

Are you surprised? Kevin Keatts as taken over Raleigh and NC State faster than anyone could have imagined. At the spry age of 46, Keatts is poised to dethroned Roy Williams and Coach K (68, 71).

Sporting his boujee outfits while bringing fundamentals back to the Hoop State, Keatts is focused on changing culture as a traditionally basketball school. Raleighwood is more than anxious to see if Keatts can remain a winner against the triangle powerhouses that are UNC and Duke.

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