UNC Spent $54 Million More On Facility Nearly Identical to NC State’s

UNC recently finished their indoor practice football facility project. The facility is very similar to NC State’s fairly recent construction of their own indoor football facility. Let’s compare the facilities.

NC State’s Close-King Indoor Practice Facility

Cost: $14 million

Length: 120 yards

Year finished: 2015

UNC’s practice indoor facility /soccer practice field

Cost: $67 million

Length: 120 yards

Year finished: 2018

This isn’t a good look for Carolina. You should notice UNC did include a outdoor soccer field in this project. Then again, it’s hard to believe a outdoor practice turf would cost $54 MILLION. Maybe it was the suffocating inflation over the last three years that didn’t exist? Who’s to say. That won’t stop UNC booster members from now asking for nearly $100 million in state bonds for venue renovations to Kenan Stadium and the Dean Dome.


If this wasn’t bad enough, the facility has no clear distinct advantage compared to NC State’s facility. Maybe having a couple alumni with engineering degrees doesn’t hurt.


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