NC State Could Do Something Thursday That Has Not Been Done in 44 Years

NC State has started this 2018-2019 season 15-3. But how does that compare to previous seasons?

Last time NC State started this well?

2013. The Pack was ranked #6 during the beginning part of the season. Led by the Lorenzo Brown and CJ Leslie, NC State was able to maintain a 15-3 start but dropped the next game to…Wake Forest to go 15-4 on the season. They followed the Wake game with a win then three straight losses. The Pack did the same thing in 1982 (started 15-3) but also lost the following game.

Last time NC State started better than this year’s team?

1974-1975. Yep, you read that right. If NC State beats Louisville Thursday night and advances to 16-3, it would be the best start since 1975 when the Pack started 16-3.

44 years.

1975 was David Thompson’s last year in the red and white and the Pack was defending their first national championship.

Yes, the non-conference schedule this year has been more considerate for the Pack mostly due to courting a very inexperienced team. Nevertheless, this team has persevered better than anyone could have imagined. Fundamentals, pressing and hard work has defined this year’s squad. I guess it’s safe to say this season has surprised anyone but Kevin Keatts that is.

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