Captain Beverly saves the day, Johnson returns, WPN contributes and NC State avoids first consecutive loss of the season


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NC State is 20 games into this season and hasn’t lost consecutive games yet. This is huge when playing in the ACC. It has been the case, especially within recent years, to hit a losing streak in the midst of ACC play. It’s not hard to drop a game or two and before you know it, we’re on the outside of the NCAA tournament looking in.

NC State fell behind 6 points with 20 seconds remaining against Clemson Saturday afternoon. Clemson’s Marcquise Reed (82% FT shooter) continued to miss 4 straight free throws. After each miss, State fans gained confidence. And with confidence, came noise. That noise is going to be needed Tuesday night against #3 UVA.

Braxton Beverly proved to be the hero after he drained a deep, deep three pointer from a dump pass from behind via CJ Bryce as the buzzer sounded. This NC State team lost a close game down the stretch just two days ago against Louisville but found a way to wiggle out of PNC a winner. The one attribute this year’s squad has greatly exemplified each game is perseverance. Thanks to the full court press, the Pack is able to disrupt their opponents’ game pace more than not.

Markell Johnson returned to the floor and hit clutch three after clutch three. Johnson, Keatts and the fans played a huge roll in the Clemson win. All must be present and contributing Tuseday night if the Pack hopes to take down the Coaches’ Poll #1 team in the nation Tuesday night, Virginia.

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