Grading each NC State team this week (January 20th-27th)

#21 Men’s basketball (16-4, 4-3)

Thursday @ #23 Louisville: L 84-77

Saturday vs Clemson: W 69-67

Next game: Tuesday vs #3 UVA

The Pack spilt this week with a Clemson home win and a Louisville loss away. Louisville is a strong team and the Pack was in the game until the very end so that game shouldn’t hurt their AP ranking too bad. Saturday’s game was wild as Braxton Beverly savaged their week with a clutch buzzer beating three. Overall, the Pack wasn’t hurt much by this week’s performance and I’ll give them a…


#8 Women’s basketball (20-0, 7-0)

Thursday vs Clemson: W 54-51 OT

Sunday @ Georgia Tech: W 68-0

Next game: Thursday @ Wake Forest

This women’s team is special. As of Sunday, they are the only team in Women’s basketball who hasn’t lost. Clemson put up a fight and it wasn’t a pretty game but you can’t really critique a win that takes you to 19-0 on the season. The Pack won on the road against Georgia Tech Sunday after to go to 20-0. Overall, this squad is rolling and this week I give them a weekly performance of…


#8 Wrestling (13-2, 1-0)

Friday vs Duke: W 25-16

Next up: Friday @ UVA

This year’s team has been battling out of their minds. NC State has established theirselves as one of the consistent teams in the NCAA. With a win over Duke to begin ACC play and improve to 13-2 overall, this squad deserves a weekly grade of…


#5 Men’s and #6 Women’s swimming

Sat vs UVA: W (Men 185-100, Women 167, 127)

Next up: Friday vs Texas/Arizona


Hockey (19-0)

Wednesday vs UNC: W 5-0

Saturday @ UNC-Charlotte: W 5-1

Next up: Friday vs Duke

This team has been absolutely sheesh pumping teams. They are on a wrecking ball winning tour that has landed the Pack at 19-0 so far. After destroying UNC in a loud PNC environment, the Pack traveled to Charlotte this week and put the Niners in their place. This week, Ice Pack earned a weekly grade of…


Sorry typo…


Women’s and Men’s Tennis


Saturday vs Mississippi State: W 4-1

Next up: Sunday (27th) vs #7 Florida



Saturday vs #24 Michigan: L 1-4

Saturday vs #12 Georgia: W 4-3

Next up: Saturday vs North Florida



Friday @ #28 UNC: W 195.200-194.650

Next up: Friday @ LSU


The overall grade for the entire week, including all teams, is…


This coming week is PACKed with huge games for many of the teams. Go Pack!

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