The Top 5 Best Dressed ACC Coaches

5. Kevin Keatts

(with a wolf grey suit and red tie)

This look by NC State coach Kevin Keatts demands respect. It’s almost impossible to distinguish a difference between Keatts and a wolf right here. You don’t want to be caught on the other end of the sideline when Keatts pulls this classic blazer out of his closet.

4. Kevin Keatts

(relaxed, no tie, beating UNC in the Dean Dome)

Google images via

This look by North Carolina State coach Kevin Keatts is brought to you by subtle confidence and a gross amount of swagger. This look was perfected in Keatts’ first year at NC State while taking down UNC in the Dean Dome. The red pocket square completes the ‘fit.

3. Kevin Keatts

(with Yeezy’s)

Duke and UNC’s coaches choose to wear Air Jordan Nikes for their Coaches Against Cancer shoes, while NC State’s own Kevin Keatts decided to break out the “Wolfpack Yeezys” as he called them on Twitter. Style isn’t a game to Keatts therefore you can’t beat him at it. It’s a lifestyle. A way of life. And that’s why Keatts lands at #3 in the top 5.

2. Kevin Keatts

(at his introductory “KKIAW” speech)

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Do you remember what you wore on your wedding day? How about your favorite shirt growing up? The shirt your dad wore every day after work? The same thing applies when Head Coach Kevin Keatts gave his “Kevin Keatts is a Winner” speech. Sporting this sleek red, black and white look, fashion critics from across the nation flocked to dissect how Keatts pulled out this look. Sheer drip, truly magnificent.

1. Kevin Keatts

(Full red suit with wolf embroidered Gucci slippers)

The number one best dressed coach in the ACC is…Kevin Keatts of NC State. I thought long and hard about adding Keatts to this list but when push came to shove, it wouldn’t be right to leave him out off this list. The combination of pure elegance and Pack pride is a work of art. The most amazing part about this outfit is how the Gucci company based this look SOLEly on the existence of Alpha Wolf Kevin Keatts.

Googles images via

Google images via

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