“Pack by 90” Saturday versus #12 Virginia Tech and Here’s Why:

This Saturday afternoon NC State plays their second consecutive home game against a highly ranked team. Tuesday night the Pack dropped a thriller against #3 Virginia. That one point loss in overtime showed how hard this basketball team can battle. I believe this team is due for a big win Saturday and here’s why:

NC State hasn’t lost a consecutive game this season and that has a lot to do with Keatts making adjustments. The UVA loss doesn’t feel like a loss that will trigger a “let down” game. I believe that loss will, in ways, help the Pack take care of business against Virginia Tech.

NC State plays well at home. The Pack is now 10-2 at home with losses suffered against #9 UNC and #3 Virginia. If you were at the UVA game, or merely watched on the television, you could tell how much more energy WPN is bringing this season. WPN was instrumental to the Clemson win when their best free throw shooter missed 4 FTs in a row. Keatts, this team and WPN is hungry for a home win against a ranked opponent after coming so close just days ago.

Virginia Tech is not Virginia. VT Head Coach Buzz Williams is terrific and he suits up a very talented group of guys but they do not resemble UVA in style of play or fundamentals whatsoever. VT is 11-0 at home but only 2-3 on the road. VT has also been blown out twice. Both of their blowout losses were on the road…against the only other two teams NC State has lost to at home (UNC, UVA).

One of VT’s top player is questionable after he sustained a high ankle injury late into the Miami game this past week. Justin Robinson is the Hokies  2nd top scorer and scored 35 points just two games ago. Robinson averages 14 points a game and leads the Hokies with 5 assists a game.

This NC State team has been battling each week. The team is hungry and WPN is too. My prediction for Saturday’s game against #12 Virginia Tech is NC State on top 78-66.


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