NC State will show up at UNC

Saturday’s game against Virginia Tech might…ok it will go down as the worst performance in recent NC State basketball history. 24 total points were scored for the Pack. TWENTY FOUR. NC State lost to UNC by 52 points at the Dean Dome in 2017 but at least we scored 56 points (107-56).

NC State fans were livid on Twitter and we had every right to be. The performance was one for the books. That wasn’t a game where you just don’t watch the tape after. That was a game you burn the tape, change your name and move 1,200 miles away. It was tough. But not all is lost and WPN needs to understand that this isn’t a bad team. This team can and I believe still will make noise in March.

Since Kevin Keatts has took over at NC State, one thing that hasn’t have been lacking is heart. Keatt’s two teams so far have shown perseverance every time they take the court. Every time but Saturday.

NC State has never lost three straight games under Keatts. NC State hadn’t lost two consecutive games this season until the VT lost. NC State had no business beating UNC or Duke last year, but we did last year. This year we expected more success but Keatts is still dealing with a team full of graduate players and transfers. Don’t get me wrong, there is no excuse for a 24 point performance, not one. What I’m insinuating is that this game is a outlier.

Tuesday night, NC State won’t be ranked. NC State won’t be “the Pack coming into Chapel Hill” they’ll be “the team that just scored 24 points coming into Chapel Hill”. I think it’s safe to say there will be tons of signs in the crowd about Saturday’s performance. And that’s ok. That’s actually great.

This team has the ability to beat anyone in the country and being the team no one gives a fighting chance to win is right where Keatts wants to be.

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