Torin Dorn: Tarheel born Tarheel bred, Wolfpack leader til’ he’s dead

Torin Dorn, a Charlotte native, has family ties on both sides of Tuesday’s night game. At this point in Dorn’s red-shirt senior season, most of WPN knows that Dorn is part of a predominately Carolina household. Dorn’s younger brother is on UNC-Chapel Hill’s football team. Torin Dorn Sr, Torin’s father, also played football for the Tarheels in college.

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The red-shirt senior has been in Raleigh for 4 seasons now after coming to NC State in 2015. He had to sit one year out after transferring from UNC-Charlotte due to transfer rules. Dorn has blossomed into the Pack’s most experienced leader the past two seasons.

Torin Dorn is now in his 3rd straight season averaging double digits for the Pack but UNC has always been a roadblock for the 6’5″ shooting guard. In the past three seasons, Dorn is only 1-5 against the Heels. However, Dorn dropped 20 points amidst 4 three pointers in NC State’s road win against UNC last season.

Monday afternoon, beat writer Joe Giglio tweeted how Torin Dorn was spotted putting in work before practice leading up to the UNC game.

UNC has won 8 wins out of their last 9 games including the 5 game win streak they carry into Tuesday night’s matchup. This is likely Dorn’s last swing at Carolina unless the ACC or NCAA tournaments provide a 3rd match up. Tuesday’s game may or may not be one of Dorn’s most memorable games to WPN. I do believe, however, when the Pack heads the Dean Dome Tuesday night, it will one of the most memorable games for Torin Dorn and the Dorn household.

I have personally met Torin Dorn on several occassions at football games and he has always been a class act. I’m excited to see what he will accomplish the rest of his senior season.

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