NC State smacks Syracuse 73-58. The Pack now controls their NCAA tourney hopes

NC State was sitting at a 17-7 (5-6) record heading into Wednesday night’s game vs Syracuse which was also 17-7 (8-3). The game was huge for State to stay on the inside of the NCAA tournament bubble.

NC State beat the ‘Cuse Wednesday night 73-58 to improve to 18-7 (6-6).

The Orange are a tough team but they heavily rely on their outside shot. Shooting was not their strong suit Wednesday night throughout the game and it bit Syracuse in the butt.

NC State came well prepared and well coached as they picked apart the elusive Syracuse 2-3 zone. They moved the rock inside and outside fluidly.

The Wolfpack nows heads to #2 Duke in Cameroon Indoor Saturday night at 6pm. NC State is thin with big men and a lot of WPN is skeptical about our matchups with the Blue Devils’ big men.

At 6-6 in the ACC, it’s just important that we play hard and close in Durham this weekend.

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