UNC coaches need to hide these things from recruit targets at all costs

Carolina cannot fill half of Kenan Stadium

“Aluminum Stadium”, as WPN affectionately calls Kenan Memorial Stadium, has been home to empty seats in each fall. This is even true when Larry Feodra led his Carolina team to a 11-3 record in 2015. NC State QB Ryan Finley called Kenan Stadium”Carter Finley North”. State beat UNC in Chapel Hill in 2018 and NC State fans outnumbered the home crowd. It’s gotta be tough to generate enthusiasm with a wildly passionate football fan base only 25 miles away.

Then again, it’s safe to say UNC football fans are incredibly committed because they are willing to drive 2 hours East to watch their football team play in the purple and gold.

The stadium itself is surprising scenic. Nestled in the middle of the university grounds, it makes for a tolerable experience. But UNC fans just aren’t interested in football as much as their fake fan hype pages on Twitter like to tell you.


UNC-heat is coming off of one of largest student-athlete scandals in NCAA history

In October 2017, the NCAA admitted UNC had been cheating. Google “UNC NCAA punishment” and you’ll be confused. Yes, the NCAA concluded that UNC was one of the most corrupt programs in the history of college athletics, but they were not punished. 18 years of corruption and UNC lawyer-ed up and managed to escape with no repercussions.


Football facilities are mid rate

UNC recently added a indoor football facility and yet they are still wildly under preforming ACC schools. NC State’s Murphy Center, Clemson’s Memorial Stadium facilities and FSU’s Dunlap Facility highlight the ACC’s most elite football facilitates. Due to UNC-Chapel Hill’s limited land and space, they don’t have many options to expand and separate themselves from the Pack.

They just hired a coach that’s been retired for 6 years

Mack is back. It’s cool because it’s in a song right? Well UNC hopes that it will translate to the recruiting trail and more importantly, the win column. It’s unsure if Mack Brown was involved with the 18 year AFAM class scandal but it’s safe to say a lot of things have changed at UNC since he left for Texas decades ago.




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