Thank you Torin Dorn

Torin Dorn came to NC State four years ago under the Mark Gottfried era. Dorn transferred from UNC-Charlotte after his freshman season and has made a impact at NC State ever since.

As a redshirt Senior, Dorn has been the obvious leader of this year’s team. He fell into a leadership role last year as well when the Pack lacked much experience across the roster. Throughout the past three years at NC State, Dorn has be consistent if not anything else. Here’s a few stats:

Sophomore year: 9.5 PPG• 4.6 RPG

Junior year: 13.9 PPG• 6.3 RPG

Senior year: 13.9 PPG• 6.9 RPG

Wednesday night’s matchup against Georgia Tech is Senior Night or should we call it “Torin Dorn night” because Dorn is the lone senior on this year’s team. Dorn has always been a model student-athlete at NC State. He’s always has a friendly smile for fans asking for photos or autographs. He recently stated in a tribute video put out by NC State that he wanted to “change the world”:

Thank you Torin Dorn for your sacrifice and hard work throughout the years. The journey is not over yet and WPN would love nothing more than to see you thrive in March.

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