Duke’s Biggest Fan Tweeted at Me and it Turns out He Announces College Basketball for ESPN

On Wednesday night, Dick Vitale tweeted at my twitter account @ncsufans. Topic of discussion? NC State being officially given notice of allegations of violations by the NCAA. Will WolfpackNation lose sleep as Vitale suggest?

Dick Vitale’s voice has been a iconic staple of Tobacco Road basketball for decades now, there’s no denying that. There’s also no denying Vitale’s long lasting love affair with the blue bloods (Duke, North Carolina). Dickie V’s closest tie to NC State, however, is of course his friendship with the late Wolfpack coaching legend Jimmy Valvano.

Dick Vitale doesn’t exactly receive the same response from college basketball fans and specifically the “twitterverse” as he once did. Vitale’s attention and ability to stay on point while announcing is questioned often. But one thing has never changed about Dickie V: everyone knows what they are getting with Vitale (it’s just that most people are tired of it).

Let’s face it, WPN. Dickie V would drink Coach K’s bath water if given the opportunity. Mind you that Duke is the only private university out of the three major Tobacco Road schools. This allows for less “checks and balances” from the public eye and public records. More closed doors and much more five star high school recruits who choose to attend the prestigious North Carolina Central Univeri…I mean Duke University for 4 months. I mean everyone in America and their cousin Sal assumes Duke has been dishing out dough for players for some time now.

This official notice by the NCAA is something Dick Vitale wouldn’t touch with a 50 foot poll if it were North Carolina or Duke were involved. Instead, Vitale hones in on allegations by the NCAA that are implicated on a coach that hasn’t been in Raleigh in three years.

But for right now, I’m just worried about the “unrest” NC State must be feeling tonight. You just hate to see it.

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