Is Enthusiasm for UNC Football Actually Sustainable?

Mack Brown is back in Chapel Hill and with him has come a fresh breath of air for UNC’s football program.

For Mack Brown, recruiting is going well, fans are excited and showing up to games. Former UNC Head Coach Larry Fedora led the Heels to a 11 win season just a few years ago and yet he still did not receive a great deal of support. The Tarheels are already 2-0 with two exciting wins against historically successful programs. Here lies the main question, can this support be sustained in the town that banned football?

Carolina football fans are best known to Wolfpacknation for their “Wait until basketball season” philosophy, but after a sold out home opener against Miami…is that still true? How many losses do you think it will take for Tarheel fans to ditch the football frenzy that they inhabit and look forward towards basketball season? One, two, ten?

I asked WPN on twitter and this was the response:

As of Tuesday afternoon, 96% of fans thought it would only take one to two losses to decimate fan morale.

A road win against Wake Forest will amplify this recent enthusiasm ten fold. But a loss? A loss Friday night might just put the Tarheels back in their baby blues for the remainder of the season.

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