The Rise and Fall of Barstool Pack

Before I get into it, I’m gonna go ahead and clarify I won’t be using any real names.

Barstool Pack is a direct affiliate of Barstool Sports. The multi-billion dollar company has established social media accounts at virtually every major university in the country. Barstool hires students of the universities to run these accounts.

Last year, NC State’s Barstool account (@BarstoolPack) was one of the more popular Barstool accounts across ACC schools. Wit and clever comebacks were their specialty.

I witnessed Barstool Pack grow from a mere few thousand followers to surpassing my following of 12k with ease. Early Spring I was informed from one of the former admins of the page that he/they were graduating and wouldn’t be able to continue running the account. This disappointed me but I was confident they would be replaced with great talent. Boy was I, and frankly everyone, in for a treat.

Barstool Pack has accumulated a large following which, in turn, has the potential to be wildly beneficial (or destructive) for the brand of NC State Athletics. I believe it’s necessary that the account is ran competently.

The first action I noticed taken from the new admin(s) of Barstool Pack was the interesting use of emojis and excessive exclamation marks. It was only a few weeks in that I was informed who was running the new Barstool Pack Twitter.

A little research revealed she was using the account to retweet her own personal tweets. It wasn’t until this individual attacked my integrity that I decided to inform WPN of the new developments.

As the semester began to settle in a few weeks ago, so did the comments:

While the support and audience Barstool Pack reaches can be a huge beacon for NC State sports, it is imperative that the account is ran efficiently and effectively.

UPDATE: There was a Twitter account created called “PackBarstool” with the obvious incentive to disband the Barstool Pack account. We have nothing to do with this account. I myself am a big Stoolie and would love for the Barstool Pack account to thrive.

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