Former ‘Barstool Pack’ Admin Answers Your Questions

A few days ago I asked fans of WPN/Barstool Pack to send in questions for one of the former admins of Barstool Pack. Enjoy!

Q: Why is the new Barstool moderator not getting the same opinion from the people?

I think part of it was they didn’t quite have the same style as myself. It’s not a bad thing I just dont think it was what people expected. I think it was always going to be an uphill thing because there is a learning curve and in some people’s minds you’d have to work twice as hard to be seen as the same thing just because they know you’re new. It was a combination of a lot of things. I hate it didn’t work out for them because they are a nice person and I know they put a lot of effort into it. I know they want to go into sports broadcasting at some point and I just hope they dont get discouraged by a bad experience.

Q: Why did you hire her?

She was brought on after the person that initially replaced me on Twitter decided it just wasn’t something he wanted to do anymore and the account became fairly inactive. She was originally one of the previous finalists and the person in charge of the total account wanted to reach back out to her about filling the vacancy because we had noticed how passionate she was about NC State athletics and her desire to be active would be unquestioned.

Q: What did you study?

I was a political science major at State. I always told people I wasn’t any good at math or science so I decided to just get good at arguing with people instead.

Q: Who do you think is the best ambassador for State sports on twitter right now?

Who do you think is the best ambassador for state sports on Twitter right now? – Honestly? Debbie Yow. Now that retirement has come she doesn’t have to hold anything back and she is an absolute must follow. She was a blessing to have as an AD.

Q: What is your opinion on how the (Barstool Pack) account is run?

What’s your opinion of how the account is run? – overall, for the stages they are at I am happy with it. I know I certainly wasn’t the best when I got brought on but there were only 360 followers to get upset at me. If you can remember when the logo was a white and red of what it is now you know what I mean. With the Instagram and whoever takes over the Twitter I just hope they give them the time to develop into what they can be. It’s just like learning how to do anything else.

Q: can we get back to trash talk Tuesday’s? Also can there more random memes of stuff either NC State related or making fun of our rival?

I can’t speak for what is to come but I can say that one way to help is to send more stuff in. It was a big help to come up with digs towards opponents when people would send in stuff like homemade banners or something similar. You can’t do it all by yourself. If you have a content idea, by all means send it to them.

Q: 9 wins?

I think we have every ability to but the running game is going to have to be the strength of this team. I have my own opinions about McKay but the staff believes in him so that says enough. More RPO would be a great start to getting that going and opening up the running game. The stable of running backs we have is downright amazing from top to bottom. I mean who else loses a 4 star on signing day (J. Griffin) and replaces him immediately with another recruit who has more touchdowns than the former has yards on the season (J. Houston). The ACC outside of Clemson is weak and as long as we can keep from beating ourselves we should be well on our way to 9 wins (even counting Clemson as a likely loss and 1 general WTF game that we will look back on and wonder how we didn’t win).

It appears that the current administrator (who has been under recent scrutiny) will no longer be performing the duties of Barstool Pack as of a few days ago.

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