Does WPN Believe The Black Uniforms Are Cursed?

“We’re the red, white and black from State” or something like that? Black uniforms are a fairly new idea NC State has experimented with over the past decade. A poll was conducted on Twitter Thursday morning and it shows 56% of NC State fans don’t like the black uniform option. Football has incorporated a solid […]

UNC Spent $54 Million More On Facility Nearly Identical to NC State’s

UNC recently finished their indoor practice football facility project. The facility is very similar to NC State’s fairly recent construction of their own indoor football facility. Let’s compare the facilities. NC State’s Close-King Indoor Practice Facility Cost: $14 million Length: 120 yards Year finished: 2015 UNC’s practice indoor facility /soccer practice field Cost: $67 million […]

NC State vs West Virginia Just Got Much More Interesting

NC State and West Virginia agreed to a home-home series for the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Both teams started their 2018 seasons hot and the matchup between the Mountaineers and Wolfpack was anticipated as NC State’s biggest game of the season. Due to a severe hurricane, the game was cancelled. West Virginia continued to play […]

Go Fund Me: Raleigh Policemen and NC State Grad Charles Ainsworth Please click on the link above to help Mr. Ainsworth and his family as he recovers from a gun-inflicted injury. He’s graduate of NC State and there’s no better time than now for WPN to come together and support the sacrifice he made to serve this community. Go Pack. Below is a link to […]