5 things NC State has that UNC doesn’t

5. Cookout

The fast growing burger and shake joint now has 244 location across 10 states. Founded in Greensboro, NC , Cookout is popular for late night food runs after late night fun. It’s impossible to call yourself a North Carolinian if you haven’t been to Cookout.

The fact that Chapel Hill doesn’t have one may be the most predictable thing on this list considering it’s illegal to have drive-thrus in Chapel Hill.

4. Academic Integrity

For decades, heck a century or two, UNC Chapel Hill has been regarded as the superior public university for academics in North Carolina. “The Harvard of the Southeast” as they affectionally have called themselves.

The fact is that NC State grads on average consistently make more money than UNC grads and it may have to do with choosing engineering degrees over gender studies.

Regardless, Carolina is now at the tail end of arguably the largest student-athlete academic scandal in NCAA history. WPN is convinced that head coach Roy Williams doesn’t coach in Chapel Hill for 26 total years without knowing about the corruption. #RoyKnew

3. Down to earth people

When engaging in banter with UNC fans, one the first insults they make is NC State fans and students are redneck or country. While State does educate thousands of future farmers and engineers, Raleigh in general is special because it is a beautiful blend of the blue collar and white collar workforce. Political views, working classes and religious practices are wildly diverse in the City of Oaks.

Chapel Hell is paradise to anyone who views fishing or outdoor activities as tribal. If you want to live somewhere where drive-thurs are legally banned, acquire a degree in gender studies and work to ban football in your community …then come to Chapel Hill.

2. Bojangles

Bojangles could be easily number one on this list. The iconic North Carolina chicken n’ biscuits joint has been the staple of NC State tailgating and everyday eats for several decades now.

There are NINE Raleigh locations. Former NC State running back and current NFL Indianapolis Colt, Nyheim Hines spent his bye week working at the busiest Bojangles in the country in Raleigh.

1. Kevin Keatts

Are you surprised? Kevin Keatts as taken over Raleigh and NC State faster than anyone could have imagined. At the spry age of 46, Keatts is poised to dethroned Roy Williams and Coach K (68, 71).

Sporting his boujee outfits while bringing fundamentals back to the Hoop State, Keatts is focused on changing culture as a traditionally basketball school. Raleighwood is more than anxious to see if Keatts can remain a winner against the triangle powerhouses that are UNC and Duke.

Chants for the NC State-UNCheat matchup

Twitter submissions:

“Roy Knew” *clap, clap*


“George, George, George of the jungle, strong as he can be. Watch for that tree *WHAT* watch out that tree *WHAT* we hate UNC!”


“Not our rival” *5 claps*


“Swag Surf” song


“Roy’s too old” *5 claps*


“Go To Hell Carolina”


Editor’s submissions:

1) “Keatts is a winner” *5 clap*

2) “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”

3) “we have Cookout” *5 clap*

4) “we have bojangles” *5 clap*

5) “go to class” *5 clap*

6) “na na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey goooooodbye”

7) “this is our state”

These 6 ACC Teams Are in the AP Top 25

#1 Duke Blue Devils:

Duke remains the leading ACC team at 12-1. Don’t expect any changes as Duke plays Wake next. Wake has had arguably the worst non-conference performance in the ACC with losses to Gardner Webb, Richmond, HBU and Saint Joseph’s.

#4 Virginia Cavaliers

Sitting at 13-0, Virginia continues to assert themselves to be one of the most consistent winnings programs in the past decade. The UVA-Duke game could pan out to be the biggest ACC game this year.

#9 Virginia Tech Hookies

The Hookies are 13-1 after dropping their first game of the season this past week. The are the third and final top ten ranked ACC team this week.

#12 UNC Tarholes

The disgraced baby blues have three losses but somehow been handed a #12 spot. Don’t expect Good Ol Roy to be well mannered when he comes to Raleigh Tuesday as the Tarholes face NC State. Hoping he won’t threaten to shoot NC State fans this time. http://www.espn.com/blog/north-carolina-basketball/post/_/id/1413/dont-give-roy-williams-a-bb-gun

#13 Florida State Seminoles

FSU seemed shaky as the best against powerhouse UVA. Sitting at 12-2, I find it hard to believe they will maintain a top 15 spot in the coming ACC schedule turmoil.

#15 NC State Wolfpack

Head coach Kevin Keatts is a modern day Moses. He’s led his hard working team in the wilderness and Tuesday night, he’ll get the chance to cross the Red Sea. 5-1 against top 25 in his first two seasons, Kevin Keatts is a proven winner. The Wolfpack sits at 13-1 with their only loss coming on the road against Wisconsin. See you in Raleigh, folks.

Thank you Ryan Finley

Throughout the three years of the “Ryan Finley Era” era, there has never been a doubt in State fans that this guy is going to be playing on Sundays once his days in Raleigh are over. WPN has been spoiled with not one, not two but THREE consecutive State QBs that continued their career in the NFL. Those quarterbacks being Russell Wilson, Mike Glennon and Jacoby Brissett.

Finley may be the most underrated quarterback in NC State history with 60 career TDs within three seasons in Raleigh. The fit was perfect. He needed a program and we needed a quarterback. Luckily for NC State, we got much more than a quarterback. We received a role model, a immediate leader and a terrific student. The graduate student has been more than appreciative all year about his opportunity to come to Raleigh 3 years ago.

“I’m excited to one day call Raleigh my home.” -Finley after the bowl loss to Texas A&M

He was born a West Coast kid, moved north to Idaho at Boise State as a young man and ended up on the East Coast as a grown man and a leader.

From behalf of all WPN, thank you Ryan Finley. Your class after tough losses, perseverance, sacrifice of three years of your life to this school and this fan base will never been forgotten.

Why I didn’t break the Braxton Beverly story

This past Saturday was rough. And anyone who pulls for the team in red and white can attest to this.

I strolled into East Village Grill as Kyle Bambard was delivering the game opening kickoff to Clemson. There wasn’t a seat in the place so I leaned against the window sill near the bar with anticipation and optimism. This was the biggest game in Dave Doeren’s tenure at NC State and just like everyone in the room, we all expected a dog fight.

A few of my friends hurried in moments after me, but the score was already 7-0 Clemson. By the time NC State point guard Braxton Beverly had come in, it was 14-0 Clemson. Beverly, without a seat also, leaned against the window sill beside myself and a few friends. I asked him if his beard was gonna be a season long staple and if it was his good luck charm. “Let’s sure hope so” Beverly told me as he grinned. A mutual friend asked “What happened to your hand?” Beverly had a protruding hand brace covering his entire wrist and hand. “Broke it yesterday” said Beverly.

I gazed up at the TV as the score displayed 21-0. Clemson’s lead was beginning to swell. It was as if you could just look at the faces of the people inside the restaurant and have predicted the score. “They haven’t released it to the media yet” Beverly added. I pulled up my Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/NCSUFans “I guess I could break the story” I chirped in. We both chuckled and I assured him it wasn’t my place to. I mean c’mon, wasn’t this Clemson game enough bad news for WPN already? By halftime, the game was 24-0 and it would only get worse from there.

I guess what happens in Raleigh, stays in Raleigh…at least for a day or two.

Finley vs Lawrence is QB battle we’ve all been waiting for

On March 10, 2012, NC State Quarterback Ryan Finely committed to play Division 1 football. At the same time, Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence was a 12 year old experiencing his first year of middle school.

As Lawrence was progressing his way through middle school, Ryan Finley was fighting for a spot at Boise State University. Finley was able secure a starting position in a reasonable time before injuries halted his success. Lawrence, however, was also securing a starting job as a freshman for his high school football team. By 2016, Trevor Lawrence was regarded by many as the best high school player in the nation shattering records while Finely was presented with a opportunity to play 2,439 miles away at NC State. He took it.

Finley flourished the first two years at NC State. He adopted a leadership role quickly and when it came time for the 5th year senior to declare for the NFL draft, he declined. A packed quarterback slate in the 2018 draft and a chance at redemption were the deciding factors in Finley’s return to NC State. Just two states south of North Carolina, the top football high school prospect in the nation had just committed to play quarterback for Clemson.

Finely has directed his team to a swift 5-0 start with most NFL scouts predicting him to be the first quarterback out of the 2019 NFL draft. Trevor Lawrence was able to take a starting job from a highly experienced quarterback as an 18 year old. Besides Alabama, Clemson has been the most dominate football program this decade. Weeks ago, the long haired 6’6″ Freshman, who resembles “Sunshine” from Remember The Titans, turned 19 years old. Finley, 24, has suffered three years of heartbreak to his division rival. Clemson has been the hump NC State has not been able to get over to secure a ACC title bid.

This Saturday Ryan Finley plays his biggest game in his college career and is promsies to be a classic. Experienced vs electric. Old vs new. Pack vs Tigers. 6 year Senior vs Freshman. Finley vs Lawrence.

NC State doesn’t care about being undefeated.

Dave Doeren’s path to a 5-0 start has been years in the making. 5 years to be exact.

Doeren discovered quickly that at NC State, nothing comes easy. This proved true 5 years ago when #3 Clemson rolled into Raleigh. The Pack were down 6 points in the 3rd quarter when NC State Wide Receiver Bryan Underwood ran a 87-yard TD but the score was overturned by a fluke call by ACC officials. Carter-Finely went silent as Clemson proceeded to score the next possession. It was as if Dabo Swinney was saying “Welcome to the ACC, coach.”

The next year, Dabo lead his team to a 41-0 beat down of the Pack in Death Valley. By 2015, Doeren had began to establish a system at NC State. Players began buying in on his vision: One Pack, One Goal. That goal was a trip to the ACC Championship. Clemson rolled in Raleigh once again with a unblemished record and again, a #3 national ranking. The 2015 matchup showed Wolfpacknation that we had real talent in Raleigh again. Jacoby Brisett, Nyheim Hines and Jaylan Samuels fought in shootout but lack of a kicking game and 6 touchdowns from Clemson QB Deshaun Watson resulted in a 56-41 loss. Disappointing, but still progress.

In one of the most infamous games in NC State history, undefeated #1 Clemson beat NC State in OT after two heart wrenching pooch kicks were missed by NC State. Dabo and company proceeded to win the national championship later that season. The game had most of us wondering how we can get any closer winning a game and still lose?

The goal has always been ACC championships since Dave Doeren walked into the Wendell Murphy facilities. Doeren assembled a highly talented team in 2017, but as the case has been for nearly a decade, you have to go through Dabo Swinney and the boys in orange to make it out of the Atlantic division. Another one possession loss against, you guessed it, an undefeated #4 Clemson. It proved to be the deciding factor in NC State’s ACC championship dreams diminishing. Playing Clemson is personal for veteran players. Playing Clemson is personal for Dave Doeren.

You can expect a dance in the locker room if the Pack upsets Clemson. A dance 5 years in the making. This time it won’t be Dabo, but Doeren. And after a 3 hour ride up I-95, you might just see a few thousand Pack fans waiting for the team bus at Wendell Murphy, where it all began.