Ticket Giveaway Winner Announced!


This is the first giveaway and I plan to do more throughout this season and year to connect with as much of WPN as possible. I appreciate everyone who has engaged with @ncsufans and this website. If anyone needs information finding reasonable priced tickets to State games, message me on any of the platforms on the contact page and I will try to assist you the best I can.


120 people retweeted the giveaway tweet. A random number generator app was used to determine which user would be selected. The winner was then checked that they followed instructions by following @ncsufans on both Twitter and Instagram.



The winner of the two Wake-State tickets is Anthony Waycaster (@acwaycaster)!

Congrats to Anthony and stay on the lookout for more giveaways, Go Pack! #BeatWake





The Great NC State Endeavor. The QBU Project. QBU Convention. (whatever you want to call it)

The Concept:

This was a thought I had a while ago concerning the topic of NC State being considered the Quarterback University or “QBU”:

Organizing a specific date where every current NFL QB from NC State comes to Raleigh. The group of men could speak to current players/coaches and possibly have allocated time to meet with fans. If this were to develop, I believe it would be one of biggest things to happen in NC State sports history.

NC State University currently has four quarterbacks in the NFL. NC State QB Ryan Finley is projected by all mock drafts to be selected within the first two rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft.

  1. Philip Rivers (Chargers 15 seasons)
  2. Russell Wilson (Seahawks 7 seasons)
  3. Mike Glennon (Bucs, Bears, Cardinals 6 seasons)
  4. Jacoby Brissett (Patriots, Colts 3 seasons)
  5. Ryan Finley (TBD)

Impossible? Hardly not.

The most obvious issue is purely logistical. I’m sure every one of these men has a very PACKed schedule. Wilson is about to report back spring training for the Yankees during his off season. Rivers’ wife is now expecting their 9th child. Glennon and Brissett have spent the last few years as backups in their respected NFL organizations. Finley is in the process of being selected in the NFL Draft. All 4 current NFL QBs have officially visited in public at least once during the Doeren Era.

There’s no way to be sure but according to the public eye, relations between this outstanding group of men seems to be well. Wilson occasionally holds football camps in Raleigh while Glennon is a current resident of the Oak City during the off season. In Finley’s last postgame interview after the Gator Bowl, he was openly grateful to NC State and said he hope to call Raleigh his home in the future. Rivers visited and gave a fiery speech to current players a couple years ago. Brissett was on the sideline in Carter-Finley two years during a New England Patriot bye week.

Imagine how much this would benefit our program. 4-5 current NFL QBs roll into Raleigh and let the booster club, university or athletic department unravel a banner at Carter-Finley of this guys in the same picture with the graphic “WELCOME TO QBU”. Any picture of these men all together would be iconic. It would likely go down with the likes of the “The Theory of Evolution”. (Coincidentally enough, there also 5 men in that picture)

One Pack, One Nation.

What can it hurt to get the ball rolling, WPN? Let’s see if AD Debbie Yow and the Booster Club can make this into a reality. If we can trend a hashtag and launch a fan-backed campaign pushing this, I believe the chances of this will increase exponentially. The difference between being part of a fan base and part of Wolfpacknation is simply connection. Not only connecting with each other but connecting with players, coaches, alumni and staff.



If you have any ideas, submissions, suggestions or just wish to communicate:

-Email me: wolfpacknation24@yahoo.com

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