The Rise and Fall of Barstool Pack

Before I get into it, I’m gonna go ahead and clarify I won’t be using any real names.

Barstool Pack is a direct affiliate of Barstool Sports. The multi-billion dollar company has established social media accounts at virtually every major university in the country. Barstool hires students of the universities to run these accounts.

Last year, NC State’s Barstool account (@BarstoolPack) was one of the more popular Barstool accounts across ACC schools. Wit and clever comebacks were their specialty.

I witnessed Barstool Pack grow from a mere few thousand followers to surpassing my following of 12k with ease. Early Spring I was informed from one of the former admins of the page that he/they were graduating and wouldn’t be able to continue running the account. This disappointed me but I was confident they would be replaced with great talent. Boy was I, and frankly everyone, in for a treat.

Barstool Pack has accumulated a large following which, in turn, has the potential to be wildly beneficial (or destructive) for the brand of NC State Athletics. I believe it’s necessary that the account is ran competently.

The first action I noticed taken from the new admin(s) of Barstool Pack was the interesting use of emojis and excessive exclamation marks. It was only a few weeks in that I was informed who was running the new Barstool Pack Twitter.

A little research revealed she was using the account to retweet her own personal tweets. It wasn’t until this individual attacked my integrity that I decided to inform WPN of the new developments.

As the semester began to settle in a few weeks ago, so did the comments:

While the support and audience Barstool Pack reaches can be a huge beacon for NC State sports, it is imperative that the account is ran efficiently and effectively.

UPDATE: There was a Twitter account created called “PackBarstool” with the obvious incentive to disband the Barstool Pack account. We have nothing to do with this account. I myself am a big Stoolie and would love for the Barstool Pack account to thrive.

For NC State Football, it’s darkest before the dawn

Consecutive nine wins seasons in Raleigh are not a normal occurrence. Four star recruits haven’t traditionally come easily (especially during the TOB tenure). But that hasn’t been the case in the Dave Doeren era and that’s where the silver linings for NC State’s football lies.

Raleigh in general is primed to be a great sports town. The enthusiasm, facilities and support, despite the results, are really a thing of rarity.

After a couple very disappointing early outings against West Virginia and Florida State, morale has been at a recent low for WPN…but it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Special things are being built in the NC State football program and it’s evident. Class of 2018 linebacker Payton Wilson and 2020 wideout Porter Rooks highlight the new talent that is becoming the standard in Raleigh. Heck, we are in the lead to get the #1 2021 all purpose back in the nation, 5 star Will Shipley.

This 2019 season promises to be a huge opportunity for the Pack to capitalize on a struggling ACC. But there are pressing issues the Pack must figure out before they we can establish any sort of dominance on the Atlantic side of the conference any time soon.

Key issues that need to be addressed

The quarterback position has been arguably the most controversial topic of discussion all season. A struggling Matt McKay was pulled early in the Florida State game and replaced by redshirt sophomore Bailey Hockman. While Hockman showed a tremendous amount of grit and determination against a tenacious Seminole defensive line, it did not appear apparent that he is the Wolfpack’s solution. I believe Devin Leary has the ability to turn on a much needed offensive switch for this offense. Leary, known for his arm strength, was able to showcase his skill set momentarily during the last Wolfpack drive in Tallahassee.

We must establish a competent quarterback ahead of next season.

Regardless of who is given the reins following the bye week heading into the Thursday night matchup against Syracuse, it’s imperative that offensive scheming must improve. And that’s brings me into the next issue that must addressed.

Offensive play calling this year has dramatically changed and understandably so. It’s a brand new team and a new scheme. Funny how that rhymes but it’s not funny how true it really is. We lost Eliah Drinkwitz to App State and replaced him with co-offensive coordinators. Ryan Finely and the best center in the nation, Garett Bradbury, headed to the NFL along with three of the Pack’s top receivers. The growing pains have been evident but luckily we aren’t of deprived of talent, we just haven’t been able to find chemistry between coaches’ play calling and players’ execution.

In conclusion

Clemson has shown their flaws, Florida State as well. The entire ACC is wide open in my opinion with Wake Forest and Clemson showing the most consistency thus far. With a couple big wins, NC State can easily be back on track and on the road to what’s been the goal ever since Doeren arrived, a ACC championship. Next year the Pack will likely be fielding the most experienced and talented team in recent memory. To take a step back this season would be detrimental.


Former ‘Barstool Pack’ Admin Answers Your Questions

A few days ago I asked fans of WPN/Barstool Pack to send in questions for one of the former admins of Barstool Pack. Enjoy!

Q: Why is the new Barstool moderator not getting the same opinion from the people?

I think part of it was they didn’t quite have the same style as myself. It’s not a bad thing I just dont think it was what people expected. I think it was always going to be an uphill thing because there is a learning curve and in some people’s minds you’d have to work twice as hard to be seen as the same thing just because they know you’re new. It was a combination of a lot of things. I hate it didn’t work out for them because they are a nice person and I know they put a lot of effort into it. I know they want to go into sports broadcasting at some point and I just hope they dont get discouraged by a bad experience.

Q: Why did you hire her?

She was brought on after the person that initially replaced me on Twitter decided it just wasn’t something he wanted to do anymore and the account became fairly inactive. She was originally one of the previous finalists and the person in charge of the total account wanted to reach back out to her about filling the vacancy because we had noticed how passionate she was about NC State athletics and her desire to be active would be unquestioned.

Q: What did you study?

I was a political science major at State. I always told people I wasn’t any good at math or science so I decided to just get good at arguing with people instead.

Q: Who do you think is the best ambassador for State sports on twitter right now?

Who do you think is the best ambassador for state sports on Twitter right now? – Honestly? Debbie Yow. Now that retirement has come she doesn’t have to hold anything back and she is an absolute must follow. She was a blessing to have as an AD.

Q: What is your opinion on how the (Barstool Pack) account is run?

What’s your opinion of how the account is run? – overall, for the stages they are at I am happy with it. I know I certainly wasn’t the best when I got brought on but there were only 360 followers to get upset at me. If you can remember when the logo was a white and red of what it is now you know what I mean. With the Instagram and whoever takes over the Twitter I just hope they give them the time to develop into what they can be. It’s just like learning how to do anything else.

Q: can we get back to trash talk Tuesday’s? Also can there more random memes of stuff either NC State related or making fun of our rival?

I can’t speak for what is to come but I can say that one way to help is to send more stuff in. It was a big help to come up with digs towards opponents when people would send in stuff like homemade banners or something similar. You can’t do it all by yourself. If you have a content idea, by all means send it to them.

Q: 9 wins?

I think we have every ability to but the running game is going to have to be the strength of this team. I have my own opinions about McKay but the staff believes in him so that says enough. More RPO would be a great start to getting that going and opening up the running game. The stable of running backs we have is downright amazing from top to bottom. I mean who else loses a 4 star on signing day (J. Griffin) and replaces him immediately with another recruit who has more touchdowns than the former has yards on the season (J. Houston). The ACC outside of Clemson is weak and as long as we can keep from beating ourselves we should be well on our way to 9 wins (even counting Clemson as a likely loss and 1 general WTF game that we will look back on and wonder how we didn’t win).

It appears that the current administrator (who has been under recent scrutiny) will no longer be performing the duties of Barstool Pack as of a few days ago.

These iconic moments highlight a sleeper rivalry between the Pack and Noles

Florida State is the most successful football program in ACC history with Clemson rapidly closing the gap. FSU has dominated NC State in the past and it hasn’t been done with grace. NC State has been returning the favor the last two years with wins after a close loss in 2016 in Raleigh.

In 2017, a Bradley Chubb led NC State team ventured to Tallahassee and handed the #12 Seminoles a 6 point loss. This game, for me, was the pinnacle of the recent “sleeper rivalry” between FSU and NC State. I’m going to highlight my recent favorite NC State moments against Florida State.

5. Bradley Chubb dancing on FSU’s grave

After a heart wrenching loss to the Seminoles a year before, the 2017 Wolfpack had a lot to prove. Bradley Chubb danced a lot of times but this one was one of my favorites.

4. Jacobi Meyers front flipping into the end zone


Excessive? Maybe. Bad sportsmanship? Probably. But as I mentioned earlier, FSU has manhandled NC State for decades and many times without grace. This touchdown and it’s ensuing celebration just felt appropriate.

3. Bradley Chubb disrespecting the FSU logo

Did Chubb spit on the Seminole’s logo? That’s still to be determined.

2. Nate Irving recovering a fumble with a broken hand

It’s impossible to describe the drive and passion Linebacker Nate Irving had. After recovering from a life threatening car accident, Irving returned to the field to lead a talented 2010 NC State defense. Irving left the game earlier injured just to returner and recover what would be the game winning fumble recovery.

1. Shirtless fan in student section

The fan that removed his shirt and used it in helicopter fashion may be the most iconic State fan to date. Mike Glennon orchestrated a thrilling game winning drive over the Noles in one of Carter Finley’s most memorable games.

I incidentally started a movement and I’m not mad about it #FreeLeary

Yesterday I wrote a short piece on why I thought Devin Leary should be given a shot at QB1. The support to give Leary meaningful snaps was overwhelming. Including several current college athletes:

I did not set out to create a #FreeLeary movement but I would be denying the silent majority if I did not give them a platform to voice their opinion. I do not believe many people actually think we should just start Leary with no prior game history, but it is almost the consensus that Devin Leary deserves a shot with meaningful snaps.

WPN, continue to support this team no matter who is behind Center but that does not mean you should not voice your opinion. Go Pack!

My case for Devin Leary as QB1

Devin Leary is the most talented quarterback at NC State. His arm has been regarded to as a “generational talent”.

The biggest question surrounding Devin Leary (and most likely the reason he is not the starting quarterback this season) is that he “puts too much on short distance passes”. My question is how is that any different than Matt McKay? To maintain a sustainable successful program, we have to look for a quarterback that is going to be the best for NC State long term.

Full disclaimer: I am not at the practices, in the tape room or in the locker room daily like the coaching staff is. I do not know all that goes into starting McKay over Hockman or Leary. My opinion to start Leary would be purely the eye test and his performance at QB that brought him to State. This takes nothing away from Matt McKay. I believe Matt McKay is a great leader, seems to be upstanding guy and a hard worker. My biggest concern is not giving Leary a chance, or even a mere game snap, to prove himself in a real game situation.

What NC State stands to lose by not giving Devin Leary a shot at QB1 is having the redshirt Freshman transfer out following this season. That would could potentially be a catastrophe for QBU. I could see Leary transferring to a gunslinging, air raid Big 12 program such as Texas Tech or Oklahoma and becoming the next Mayfield or Maholmes. We saw it with Russell Wilson (Wisconsin) and Jalen McClendon (Baylor) where quarterbacks were not given the opportunity late into their career at NC State.

With Saturday’s game against Ball State, we have the opportunity to give all three quarterbacks meaningful game snaps. Bailey Hockman is the only other quarterback that has been given snaps but was not given play calls to really air it out.

It is not what NC State will benefit from giving Leary and Hockman meaningful snaps, it is more of what we will lose: detrimental transfers.

Is Enthusiasm for UNC Football Actually Sustainable?

Mack Brown is back in Chapel Hill and with him has come a fresh breath of air for UNC’s football program.

For Mack Brown, recruiting is going well, fans are excited and showing up to games. Former UNC Head Coach Larry Fedora led the Heels to a 11 win season just a few years ago and yet he still did not receive a great deal of support. The Tarheels are already 2-0 with two exciting wins against historically successful programs. Here lies the main question, can this support be sustained in the town that banned football?

Carolina football fans are best known to Wolfpacknation for their “Wait until basketball season” philosophy, but after a sold out home opener against Miami…is that still true? How many losses do you think it will take for Tarheel fans to ditch the football frenzy that they inhabit and look forward towards basketball season? One, two, ten?

I asked WPN on twitter and this was the response:

As of Tuesday afternoon, 96% of fans thought it would only take one to two losses to decimate fan morale.

A road win against Wake Forest will amplify this recent enthusiasm ten fold. But a loss? A loss Friday night might just put the Tarheels back in their baby blues for the remainder of the season.

Mack Brown Marks his Territory

Mack Brown is back in Chapel Hill and he’s wasting no time challenging NC State’s recruiting or recent traditions:

This decision comes after Mack Brown stated to the press weeks ago that he intended to light their bell tower blue after each win. This ambitious tradition was something that Brown implemented while coaching at Texas.

NC State fans seem to find this move humorous considering Dave Doeren has established the “red light” at the bell tower as a staple of Wolfpack football. A big recruit commits or a win results in “LIGHTING IT RED”.

Several former Pack players (and one future Pack player) were not happy about this announcement by Mack Brown and UNC:

On the bright side (or should I say dim side?), these lights won’t need to be changed anytime soon which in result means this wont be a issue of spending unnecessary North Carolinian’s tax dollars.

Duke’s Biggest Fan Tweeted at Me and it Turns out He Announces College Basketball for ESPN

On Wednesday night, Dick Vitale tweeted at my twitter account @ncsufans. Topic of discussion? NC State being officially given notice of allegations of violations by the NCAA. Will WolfpackNation lose sleep as Vitale suggest?

Dick Vitale’s voice has been a iconic staple of Tobacco Road basketball for decades now, there’s no denying that. There’s also no denying Vitale’s long lasting love affair with the blue bloods (Duke, North Carolina). Dickie V’s closest tie to NC State, however, is of course his friendship with the late Wolfpack coaching legend Jimmy Valvano.

Dick Vitale doesn’t exactly receive the same response from college basketball fans and specifically the “twitterverse” as he once did. Vitale’s attention and ability to stay on point while announcing is questioned often. But one thing has never changed about Dickie V: everyone knows what they are getting with Vitale (it’s just that most people are tired of it).

Let’s face it, WPN. Dickie V would drink Coach K’s bath water if given the opportunity. Mind you that Duke is the only private university out of the three major Tobacco Road schools. This allows for less “checks and balances” from the public eye and public records. More closed doors and much more five star high school recruits who choose to attend the prestigious North Carolina Central Univeri…I mean Duke University for 4 months. I mean everyone in America and their cousin Sal assumes Duke has been dishing out dough for players for some time now.

This official notice by the NCAA is something Dick Vitale wouldn’t touch with a 50 foot poll if it were North Carolina or Duke were involved. Instead, Vitale hones in on allegations by the NCAA that are implicated on a coach that hasn’t been in Raleigh in three years.

But for right now, I’m just worried about the “unrest” NC State must be feeling tonight. You just hate to see it.

Thank you Torin Dorn

Torin Dorn came to NC State four years ago under the Mark Gottfried era. Dorn transferred from UNC-Charlotte after his freshman season and has made a impact at NC State ever since.

As a redshirt Senior, Dorn has been the obvious leader of this year’s team. He fell into a leadership role last year as well when the Pack lacked much experience across the roster. Throughout the past three years at NC State, Dorn has be consistent if not anything else. Here’s a few stats:

Sophomore year: 9.5 PPG• 4.6 RPG

Junior year: 13.9 PPG• 6.3 RPG

Senior year: 13.9 PPG• 6.9 RPG

Wednesday night’s matchup against Georgia Tech is Senior Night or should we call it “Torin Dorn night” because Dorn is the lone senior on this year’s team. Dorn has always been a model student-athlete at NC State. He’s always has a friendly smile for fans asking for photos or autographs. He recently stated in a tribute video put out by NC State that he wanted to “change the world”:

Thank you Torin Dorn for your sacrifice and hard work throughout the years. The journey is not over yet and WPN would love nothing more than to see you thrive in March.