Former 5 star recruit Sacha Killeya-Jones leaves NC State to pursue professional basketball

Sacha Killeya-Jones officially announced on twitter Thursday night that he is leaving NC State’s program in pursuit of a professional basketball career.

The 20 year-old power forward is nearly 7 foot, a dynamic scorer and was a 5 star recruit coming out of high school. He’s been sitting out this season after transferring from Kentucky. Jones is originally from Chapel Hill and was recruited heavily by N.C. State in high school. He never played to his potential at Kentucky averaging a mere 3 points last season.

This is one of several odds changes to NC State’s current roster after NC State transfer Eric Lockett was arrested earlier in the season and freshman Ian Steere left the program after playing just one game.

Sacha announced his decision via Twitter:

Jones will likely have a rough time pursing professional basketball after a rough few years at the college level but the talent is definitely there. He was a ESPN 5 star player and 3rd overall in 2016 in the state of North Carolina.


A wild several days in NC State


• Men’s Basketball guard Blake Harris is ruled out for Syracuse game with the flu

• Women’s basketball defeats Syracuse 77-73

• Men’s basketball team beats Syracuse 17-8 (8-4) by 15 points

• Coach Keatts answers question about Sacha Killeya-Jones absence on bench vs Syracuse. “SKJ is not currently a member of this team” -KK


• News and Observer reports Men’s basketball player Erick Lockett was arrested on domestic assault charges, Keatts suspends Lockett

• NC State football target Josh Downs commits to UNC


• Baseball opens season with 8-2 home win against Bucknell

• Wrestling defeats UNC for 6th straight time

• Hockey Beats Saint Joseph’s 11-1 in ACCHL tourney


• Baseball defeats Bucknell 14-2 to improve to 2-0 on season

• Hockey Beats Wake 5-2 to advance to ACCHL championship Sunday

• Gymnastics defeats UNC 195.850 to 193.700

• Men’s basketball loses to Duke 94-78


• Baseball to rallies to sweep series against Bucknell 12-8

• Hockey wins ACC hockey championship vs UVA 1-0 to improve to 25-0 on the season

Braxton Beverly is a better college basketball player than Zion Williamson and here’s why

Zion Williamson: Freshman forward 6’8″ 250 lbs.

22.0 PPG • 9.3 RPG • 2.3 APG

Braxton Beverly: Sophomore shooting guard 5’11” 181 lbs.

10.3 PPG • 1.5 RPG • 2.8 APG

Zion Williamson is predicated to be drafted 1st overall in virtually all NBA mock drafts. He’s the most electrifying player in college basketball. Williamson was the most hyped high school player in the past decade. But is Williamson the best player you can have for your program? No is the short answer.

Braxton Beverly has been at NC State for two years now and has provided the stability Kevin Keatts has needed his own first two years in Raleigh. Beverly, an All-ACC academic member, averaged nearly 10 points his freshman season at NC State. His 3.27 assist-turnover set a all time ACC record for a freshman.

Today’s college basketball is not like what college and specifically ACC basketball purists are use to. Talented players do not stay in school for four years for education or to accomplish team goals like they use to. They leave. One and done. And who can blame them when the NCAA allows “one and dones” to attend school for one semester and then go collect a check in the NBA.

Zion Williamson will likely spend 1-2 semesters at Duke University and drop out as soon as the final buzzer ends for Duke’s basketball season. Beverly, by all accounts, will be back in the red and white for his third season. If NC State is fortunate, he will play for four years and graduate at NC State.

There’s no doubt that Williamson’s stardom does help recruiting, but Duke doesn’t need a superstar to increase their brand or their marketability. They are Duke basketball. For NC State, the Dennis Smith Jr and Ryan Harrow type players are beneficial but not essential. You build dominant programs with the Braxton Beverlys of the world. That’s how every powerhouse in blue (Kansas, Duke, UNC) built theirs, with 4 year student-athletes.

“I wish that every kid that I recruit at N.C. State is like Braxton Beverly. Works hard, great kid, low maintenance.” -KK

You can expect several eye opening dunks when State takes on Duke Saturday in Cameron Indoor Stadium. You can also expect a calm, collected and disciplined shooting guard in the most hostile college sports atmosphere in the nation.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There’s nothing more suspect than a powerhouse basketball school that has zero accountability being a private institution. Duke is not required to keep their records public due to the fact that they are not a public university. I’m not insinuating Duke has been paying their players, I am just suggesting that if a university were to and hide it for decades…it would be at Duke.

UNC coaches need to hide these things from recruit targets at all costs

Carolina cannot fill half of Kenan Stadium

“Aluminum Stadium”, as WPN affectionately calls Kenan Memorial Stadium, has been home to empty seats in each fall. This is even true when Larry Feodra led his Carolina team to a 11-3 record in 2015. NC State QB Ryan Finley called Kenan Stadium”Carter Finley North”. State beat UNC in Chapel Hill in 2018 and NC State fans outnumbered the home crowd. It’s gotta be tough to generate enthusiasm with a wildly passionate football fan base only 25 miles away.

Then again, it’s safe to say UNC football fans are incredibly committed because they are willing to drive 2 hours East to watch their football team play in the purple and gold.

The stadium itself is surprising scenic. Nestled in the middle of the university grounds, it makes for a tolerable experience. But UNC fans just aren’t interested in football as much as their fake fan hype pages on Twitter like to tell you.


UNC-heat is coming off of one of largest student-athlete scandals in NCAA history

In October 2017, the NCAA admitted UNC had been cheating. Google “UNC NCAA punishment” and you’ll be confused. Yes, the NCAA concluded that UNC was one of the most corrupt programs in the history of college athletics, but they were not punished. 18 years of corruption and UNC lawyer-ed up and managed to escape with no repercussions.


Football facilities are mid rate

UNC recently added a indoor football facility and yet they are still wildly under preforming ACC schools. NC State’s Murphy Center, Clemson’s Memorial Stadium facilities and FSU’s Dunlap Facility highlight the ACC’s most elite football facilitates. Due to UNC-Chapel Hill’s limited land and space, they don’t have many options to expand and separate themselves from the Pack.

They just hired a coach that’s been retired for 6 years

Mack is back. It’s cool because it’s in a song right? Well UNC hopes that it will translate to the recruiting trail and more importantly, the win column. It’s unsure if Mack Brown was involved with the 18 year AFAM class scandal but it’s safe to say a lot of things have changed at UNC since he left for Texas decades ago.




NC State smacks Syracuse 73-58. The Pack now controls their NCAA tourney hopes

NC State was sitting at a 17-7 (5-6) record heading into Wednesday night’s game vs Syracuse which was also 17-7 (8-3). The game was huge for State to stay on the inside of the NCAA tournament bubble.

NC State beat the ‘Cuse Wednesday night 73-58 to improve to 18-7 (6-6).

The Orange are a tough team but they heavily rely on their outside shot. Shooting was not their strong suit Wednesday night throughout the game and it bit Syracuse in the butt.

NC State came well prepared and well coached as they picked apart the elusive Syracuse 2-3 zone. They moved the rock inside and outside fluidly.

The Wolfpack nows heads to #2 Duke in Cameroon Indoor Saturday night at 6pm. NC State is thin with big men and a lot of WPN is skeptical about our matchups with the Blue Devils’ big men.

At 6-6 in the ACC, it’s just important that we play hard and close in Durham this weekend.

This A-List Celebrity Came One Grade Point From a NC State Degree

There’s a lot of WPN that doesn’t know that a incredibly recognizable celebrity and North Carolina native attended NC State from 1988-1992. He talked to NC State’s Communications Director about his time in Raleigh in an article back in 2010 posted on NC State University’s website.

Zach Galifianakis has participated in nearly 40 motion pictures and has a estimated net worth of 20 million dollars. He owns a 60-acre farm in Alleghany, North Carolina but currently lives in Los Angeles. He is most famous for his role in the “Hangover” films. Ironcially enough, he calls himself the “one man wolfpack” in one of the movie’s most memorable scenes:

Being a college student is tough, especially in Raleigh. That was definitely the case for Zach Galifianakis who walked away from college in a way no one could have imagined. Galifianakis revealed in the interview that he fell just one grade point short from earning a NC State degree in his very last class.

“My time is so limited, but I’ve definitely thought about finishing it.” -ZG

Zach Galifianakis worked at Raleigh’s Amedeo’s Italian Restaurant during his time in Raleigh. Amedeo’s is home to many of NC State sports fondest memories. A part owner of Amedeo’s told me that Zach’s father, Harry Galifianakis, played football at NC State in 1957. Harry played football along aside founder Amedeo Richard DeAngelis at NC State. Little did they know, one day one of them would open an authentic italian restaurant and the other’s son would eventually work him for there.

Zach Galifianakis also met fellow NC State student and graduate A.D. Miles while at N.C. State. Miles began as a Business major but transitioned to Communications once he realized his passion was in film. Miles is a script writer for television and motion pictures. He worked with late show host Jimmy Fallon for nine years. Miles was the Head Writer for “The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon” for four years (2014-2017).

“He is the head writer of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I do what I do, and the two of us used to be kids running up and down Hillsborough looking for nothing.”


It’d great to get Zach Galifianakis back in Raleigh for a game. Go Pack!

With 7 games left for NC State, each game has tournament implications

NC State only suffered one non-conference loss to begin the season and reached as high as #15 in the rankings but now they are fighting for their spot in the Big Dance.

The Pack had a weak non-conference schedule but beat most of those opponents handily and that should play a factor when Selection Sunday arrives.

ACC play for NC State has been a roller coaster ride thus far. Keatts’ second year squad is sitting on a 5-6 ACC record. The Pack is 17-7 overall but luckily has endured the toughest stretch of the season after facing UVA, VT and UNC in 3 of consecutive 4 games. 7 games remain in the regular season as NC State prepares for Syracuse Wednesday night. The remaining games look like this:

vs Syracuse

@ #2 Duke

vs Boston College

vs Wake Forest

@ #17 Florida State

vs Georgia Tech

@ Boston College

WPN is hungry for much more than just a tournament berth. NC State was ranked #15 before dropping in the rankings the past four weeks. Now the Pack is fighting for a invite to the tourney. I believe the Pack will need to win at least FOUR out of the remaining 7 games to give themselves a good chance at dancing this March.

20 wins is usually the standard for NC State fans use for “getting in” but it’s really about which games they win, and more importantly, don’t win. 21 wins won’t mean anything if NC State drops home losses to Wake and Georgia Tech. This Pack team has the ability to win 5-6 of their remaining games and do well in the ACC tournament but they will need contribution from everyone from Markell Johnson to Wyatt Walker.

A win over #17 FSU would be huge for the Pack’s resume because it is a ranked ACC opponent on the road. An away loss to #2 Duke won’t hurt our resume while a loss to Wake or Georiga Tech at home could be detrimental to the Pack’s case. If NC State can’t upset FSU or Duke, they will need to win the other 5 games to secure a spot in my opinion. The ACC tourney also presents a opportunity to boost their resume.

Wednesday night’s game against is huge for NC State’s tournament chances as Syracuse is sitting at 8-3 in conference play.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

UNC fans are obsessed with NOT being NC State’s rival, which proves NC State is a rival after all

UNC fans love to claim NC State is “not a rival” and they use several (invalid) reasons to back it up. UNC claims their men’s basketball success, or domination, the past decade warrants NC State as a irrelevant competitor. Sure, Duke-UNC trumps every other rivalry in the country. But first, what is a rival?

By definition, any Division 1 college team could be a “rival”. But rivals, in the traditional sense, have a lot to do with how deep the history goes between teams. It usually has to do with a close proximity between the teams and is amplified by disdain or bad blood for one another.

Raleigh and Chapel Hill are 25 miles away from one another. They’ve been competing athletically for about 125 years. NC State has defeated UNC in at least 8 different sports in the past year. This rivalry is one of the richest, deepest rivalries in the country. The ACC, specifically North Carolina basketball, was established on NC State, Duke, UNC and Wake Forest.

I believe TarheelNation (is that a thing?) is doing one of two things: 1. Simply using “not a rival” as a bit to troll NC State or 2. Too ignorant to understand or appreciate tradition in the triangle.

At times, UNC fans spend much more time trolling and arguing with WPN than with Duke fans. The Twitter handle @uncbarstool, which may be the worst fan account to date, tweeted a packed message (after deleting and revising it three times) after Tuesday night’s win over NC State:

The irony is too much as they state “don’t ever come at us saying this is a rivalry”. Interesting take as their football team is currently in the midst of a historic losing skid to the Pack over the past decade. In the past year, UNC teams have lost to NC State’s men’s basketball, football women’s basketball, hockey, swimming, wrestling, baseball, gymnastics and volleyball teams.

Tarheel blogger @tarheelblog tweeted a laughable article:

At this point, Tarheel fans are making themselves look silly. Continually hammering the idea of “‘not a rival” by constantly exerting effort to prove that point. This only proves one thing: UNC fans value their time enough to engage in competitive banter more than any other team/university…which by all means implicates you are indeed, a rival.

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Torin Dorn: Tarheel born Tarheel bred, Wolfpack leader til’ he’s dead

Torin Dorn, a Charlotte native, has family ties on both sides of Tuesday’s night game. At this point in Dorn’s red-shirt senior season, most of WPN knows that Dorn is part of a predominately Carolina household. Dorn’s younger brother is on UNC-Chapel Hill’s football team. Torin Dorn Sr, Torin’s father, also played football for the Tarheels in college.

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The red-shirt senior has been in Raleigh for 4 seasons now after coming to NC State in 2015. He had to sit one year out after transferring from UNC-Charlotte due to transfer rules. Dorn has blossomed into the Pack’s most experienced leader the past two seasons.

Torin Dorn is now in his 3rd straight season averaging double digits for the Pack but UNC has always been a roadblock for the 6’5″ shooting guard. In the past three seasons, Dorn is only 1-5 against the Heels. However, Dorn dropped 20 points amidst 4 three pointers in NC State’s road win against UNC last season.

Monday afternoon, beat writer Joe Giglio tweeted how Torin Dorn was spotted putting in work before practice leading up to the UNC game.

UNC has won 8 wins out of their last 9 games including the 5 game win streak they carry into Tuesday night’s matchup. This is likely Dorn’s last swing at Carolina unless the ACC or NCAA tournaments provide a 3rd match up. Tuesday’s game may or may not be one of Dorn’s most memorable games to WPN. I do believe, however, when the Pack heads the Dean Dome Tuesday night, it will one of the most memorable games for Torin Dorn and the Dorn household.

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NC State will show up at UNC

Saturday’s game against Virginia Tech might…ok it will go down as the worst performance in recent NC State basketball history. 24 total points were scored for the Pack. TWENTY FOUR. NC State lost to UNC by 52 points at the Dean Dome in 2017 but at least we scored 56 points (107-56).

NC State fans were livid on Twitter and we had every right to be. The performance was one for the books. That wasn’t a game where you just don’t watch the tape after. That was a game you burn the tape, change your name and move 1,200 miles away. It was tough. But not all is lost and WPN needs to understand that this isn’t a bad team. This team can and I believe still will make noise in March.

Since Kevin Keatts has took over at NC State, one thing that hasn’t have been lacking is heart. Keatt’s two teams so far have shown perseverance every time they take the court. Every time but Saturday.

NC State has never lost three straight games under Keatts. NC State hadn’t lost two consecutive games this season until the VT lost. NC State had no business beating UNC or Duke last year, but we did last year. This year we expected more success but Keatts is still dealing with a team full of graduate players and transfers. Don’t get me wrong, there is no excuse for a 24 point performance, not one. What I’m insinuating is that this game is a outlier.

Tuesday night, NC State won’t be ranked. NC State won’t be “the Pack coming into Chapel Hill” they’ll be “the team that just scored 24 points coming into Chapel Hill”. I think it’s safe to say there will be tons of signs in the crowd about Saturday’s performance. And that’s ok. That’s actually great.

This team has the ability to beat anyone in the country and being the team no one gives a fighting chance to win is right where Keatts wants to be.

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